Last Updated on: June 16, 2020, 3:50 am

Gambling Drunk and the Problems That Come From It

Clear headed decision making is important in numerous activities. If your thinking is impaired by alcoholic drink, you're barred or generally discouraged from doing a number of everyday. Notoriously, drinking and driving is generally a terrible idea and has lead to many horrible tragedies. Some of the best gamblers make a living out of using gambling tips and strategies to tilt the odds in their favor - however that's not the only thing that matters. Making sure that you never do foolish or stupid things that bring the odds back to the house is a big part of it too. This generally means making sure that you're thinking clearly.

This means drinking and gambling is a terrible idea. Even games wherein your decisions make no difference when it comes to the outcome need you clear headed so you can stop throwing money at the table when you've clearly been on a losing streak. This isn't even taking the skill based games like blackjack and Texas Hold'em into account, where being inebriated can almost assure your defeat. This is a frequently ignored gambling tip that can cost people millions of dollars.

Wise and well thought out decisions are made with clear and specific intent. In No Limit Texas Hold'em especially, itself an inherently psychological game, require specific moves in order to bluff or to bait players in. It could be fun to play drunk of course. The lightheaded sensation and feeling of importance that can come with can sorely enhance the experience. This is exactly the reason that casinos often offer free drinks to their players - to release their inhibitions and subtly nudge them into throwing more chips onto to the table. This is by no means a new idea, but it's one that many gambling tips do not answer to. Inhibitions can destroyed, which is also part of the reason that it's considered a powerful social lubricant.

The unfortunate side effect of alcohol is of course, the fact that judgment is surprisingly impaired by it. It feels like you're still making intelligent decisions, which is why it's insidious. Drunk gamblers remain confident of their motor skills and strategic thinking when all they have going for them at that point is a drunken sort of bravery that is rarely rewarded when it comes to games of skill and chance. You try it of course, as experiences and people vary. Generally however, it's just a terrible idea all around and if you want to consistently make money, you'll want to stay off the booze when you're on the chips.